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Rose water benefits

Fresh, organic rose petals are steam distilled, extracting the nutritious juices and pure rose oil into the distilled water, which our skin loves to reap the benefits.

This beautifully hydrating, purified hydrolat is so soothing, reducing redness and irritation for even the most sensitive of skins.

Our epidermis is protected by the acid mantle, which controls hydration and prevents prevents skin cells from environmental damage. Rose water is key in maintaining proper functionality of our acid mantle, as it is the ideal pH of 5.5. When something too alkaline is applied to our skin, such as water at pH 7, this can leave our acid mantle damaged and defenceless, resulting in roughness, irritation and dehydration.

The naturally cleansing properties also benefit the skin by removing oil and dirt that accumulates in clogged pores, whilst it’s mild astringency and high vitamin C content helps close open pores, tighten capillaries and restore suppleness, without drying the skin.

Rose water is a staple in Ayurvedic medicine, used to detoxify and calm our skins and our mood.

Close up of beautiful pink flowered rose

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