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Refill programme

Though all our packaging is fully recyclable, let's save the energy needed to break down and reform the containers and reuse them instead. We’ll wash and sanitise your returned empties and reuse them.

  1. Collect any 5 of our glass containers
  2. Email with the following information, you'll receive an email with your postage label within 5 business days:
    First and last name
    Which containers and how many (so we can estimate the weight of the parcel)
  3. Print, stick, post.


Is reusing really better than recycling?
Unfortunately a lot of the plastic we put in our recycling bins are not actually recycled - rather incinerated, sent to landfill or sent abroad. We want to provide a closed loop system to avoid the chance of our products contributing to environmental damage.

Why do I need to collect 5 containers?

As well as covering the cost of the postage label for us, we want to minimise the number of parcels being posted to save on carbon emissions.

Can I deliver them to you in person rather than post?

Absolutely. If you're anywhere near Stokes Croft, Bristol, you're welcome to come by the studio and we will take the empty containers for you. Simply email to arrange a drop off time. There's no minimum number of containers when we receive in person.