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Having always suffered from very dry skin, prone to eczema, psoriasis and chronic itching, I grew up obsessed with moisturising - on most days I would apply commercial products 3 times or more! I avoided the steroid-laden creams that the doctors prescribed, but was unaware of the toxicity I was absorbing from mass-produced skincare. Unsurprisingly my skin worsened and, out of sheer desperation, I tried olive oil. Finally long lasting moisturisation and comfort. This marked the beginning of my love affair with plant oils.
Alongside this, being exposed to many products in my career as a Makeup Artist and Beauty Consultant only intensified my strong disapproval of the fraudulent nature of the Beauty industry. Misinformation is rife, and the more I learned about cosmetic ingredients, the more I realised the extent to which harmful chemicals are found in our everyday products - whether high end or mainstream brands, even including baby products! Only a very small number of 100% natural products are available, some of which still include toxic ingredients posing as naturally-derived ones (such as grapefruit seed extract).
After years of research and practice blending oils, I have not only learned about the specific benefits of each oil, but also mastered which combinations work best. Over time, my blending of oils evolved into the formulation of water-based facial skincare products. The results were so significant that I just couldn't keep it a secret, and with a loyal following from family and friends, I eventually decided to bring my products to market. After a year of refining my formulas, Planted was born in my kitchen in 2016. 
I've since been able to move into a dedicated studio space 🙌