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How to sanitise for manufacture

How do you ensure a sterile environment during manufacture? 

When making products at home hygiene becomes a top priority. These are 3 key steps we take to ensure Planted products are manufactured in a sterile zone:

1. Disinfect all equipment and surfaces with 70% isopropyl alcohol

Fun fact (very much dependant on your idea of fun!): Why not use 100% IPA? The water in the 70% IPA plays a key part in killing all surface microorganisms, as it gives just enough contact time before the alcohol evaporates to kill all surface microorganisms.

2. Only use glass, stainless steel or other non porous equipment to prevent bacteria growth and ensure efficient sterilisation.

3. Wear disposable gloves and appropriate clothing, with hair tied back.

Certificate of laboratory results for preservative efficacy test

How can you be sure?


Our Nutrient Rich Face Cream was sent to the Oxford Bioscience lab for a microbial challenge test, which confirmed the product at the start and at the end of the 28 day assessment had zero count of bacteria (see image).

And with the design of the airtight container, you can be sure your Nutrient Rich Face Cream will stay germ free throughout it’s lifespan.

Our other products are produced in the same sterile environment, and are formulated free of water, so require no use of a preservative. Click here to find out about Planted's preservation system.

What other tests have Planted products undergone?

All products sold in the UK market are required to pass a Cosmetics Product Safety Report, which looks at things such as the chemical composition, any trace substances and any potential undesirable effects of the product. Surprisingly, no such report is necessary for products to be sold in the US.

Planted products have also been stability tested, through the practice of repeated freeze-thaw cycles and gentle heating for prolonged periods of time. The texture, weight, appearance, colour, and smell were observed to ensure the product would remain stable in a variety of environments.