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Lunar Haircutting

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Planting and harvesting crops according to the lunar cycle is hardly new news, but have you heard of cutting your hair with the lunar cycle?

Just as with plants, when you trim your hair’s dead ends, you are making sure none of the nutrients are wasted on the dead portion of the hair. And arguably, by doing this in line with the moon’s gravitation pull, you could increase the pull of nutrients down the hair shaft, resulting in a healthier head of hair and scalp and more hair growth.

Scientific studies are yet to provide evidence for this, but we do know the moon’s gravitational pull has an effect on certain metabolic processes in humans and animals, and it has been proven to affect melatonin levels (1)(2), which is the hormone responsible for modulating hair growth(3). We think this sounds promising! Let us know if you try this and what you think.

When best to cut:

Waning phase and New Moon - During the New Moon your hair is significantly weaker, which you may notice with more hair loss during this time. It’s therefore not advised to cut your hair during the waning phase, and particularly the new moon, as your hair won’t grow back quickly, or be able to bring nutrients to the tips.

If you want to inhibit regrowth, as with waxing or shaving hair in unwanted areas, then the new moon and waning dates of the calendar is the perfect time.

Waxing phase and Full moon - During the Full Moon your hair is able to rejuvenate and grow back quickest. Cutting your hair anytime during the waxing phase, but especially during the Full Moon should bring you strong, healthy, faster growing hair.


Simply blunt snip your ends around an 1/8th of an inch or more during your desired moon phase to experience the benefits. 

Fun fact: Did you know the work ‘lunatic’ originates from those who were said to be ‘moonstruck’ - having gone crazy from the affects of the moon? 




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