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Myrrh Essential Oil Skincare Benefits

Myrrh Essential Oil Skincare Benefits

Obtained as a resin from the tree Commiphora myrrha, Myrrh has been used for thousands of years in Chinese, Indian and Egyptian practices and is considered holy by many.

It’s reputation can be attributed to it’s anti everything properties:

* Antioxidant

* Anti-inflammatory 

* Antimicrobial 

* Antibacterial

* Antiseptic (1)(2)

* Anaesthetic (1)(2)

* Anti parasitic (1)(2)

* Anti-tumour (1)(2)

It’s polysaccharides content makes it a superior anti-inflammatory agent. This, alongside it’s well documented healing properties means it’s a great treatment for acne(3), skin allergies(4), infections(5)(6), ulcers, and even arthritis.

Also an astringent, Myrrh contracts the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles(7), and tighten pores.

All of these potent benefits and myrrh is still a non-irritant(8), so gentle enough for even the most sensitive of skins.









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