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Meadowfoam seed oil benefits

Meadowfoam seed oil contains a unique high quality fatty acid composition, which led to the discovery of three new fatty acids.

Enriched with the rare Eicosenoic Acid, it is known for it’s many properties, including balancing the skin’s natural sebum production to resolve excessively dry or oily skin.

The high Tocopherol (vitamin E, an antioxidant) content tackles degeneration and ageing of the skin, and with it’s fast and full absorption, Meadowfoam seed oil delivers these beneficial nutrients deep into the epidermis.

Resembling human sebum, this light, non-greasy oil is mild enough even for the most sensitive of skins.

Our favourite characteristic of this oil is it’s environmental sustainability. The nutritious seeds of this fast growing, highly renewable crop, are fed to livestock after being cold pressed for our lovely oils. While grown, birds, insects and mice also feast on the seeds. As a renewable beneficial crop, the need to burn fields in between crops is eliminated.

Close up photograph of yelllow and white meadowfoam open flower in field


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