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Rosehip oil benefits

Harvested from the fruit of roses, rosehip is known for it’s anti ageing benefits. 

It’s rich in minerals and essential fatty acids (particularly omega 3 and 6), which keep our skin supple and youthful, whilst replenishing moisture loss.

It contains high levels of vitamin C - about 35 times more than an orange! Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, and is vital in the formation of collagen, which gives our skin tissue it’s firmness. Vitamin C also benefits the skin by brightening it's tone and fading any dark spots. 

The high vitamin A content in rosehip oil also contributes to increased collagen and elastin, and works to heal scars. 

As an astringent, rosehip oil has a non-greasy, ‘dry’ feel, and helps reduce the size of our pores. We love it’s beautiful deep pink colour that the organic, cold pressed and unrefined oil brings!

Photograph of rosehip tree, with a few red rosehips and a meadow in the blurred background

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