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Planted's Natural Preservative System

We use a combination of 3 gentle ingredients to make up our effective preservation system, used in our Nutrient Rich Face Cream. 

Laboratory shelf of rows of glass beakers with green plants growing inside

Leucidal liquid SF

Leucidal liquid SF is a probiotic based ingredient, created by the fermentation of Lactobacillus, traditionally used as a natural fermenting agent for use in the production of yoghurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir and other fermented foods. A member of the lactic acid family, Lactobacillus is able to restrict the growth of other microorganisms by producing novel antimicrobial peptides, known as bacteriocins, as well as acidifying its environment.(1)(2)

In addition  to being a wonderful alternative to synthetic preservatives, it lends nutritive skin conditioning benefits(3), improving the skin permeability of the product, providing antioxidants(4) and increasing hydration(5). Studies show that it can be used to help treat dermatitis symptoms (red, itchy skin condition.)(6)



the trunks of a group of aspen bark trees in a forest

Aspen bark extract

The American Aspen Tree is rich in salicylates, which function as the plant’s natural defence mechanism against invading parasites. This same antimicrobial activity is extracted from the bark, formed into a powder and used in a selection of Planted products to prohibit yeast, mould and bacterial growth. 

Historicallly, the extract was used for medicinal purposes, to reduce pain and fever. It is classed as causing little to no irritation, unlike most other preservatives.

As well as the preserving qualities, Aspen bark offers skin conditioning, skin smoothing and antiseborrheic benefits, which means it prevents or relieves excessive secretion of sebum. 


close up of a halved coconut with shell and exposed flesh

Coconut fruit extract

Extracted from the meat of a coconut, coconut fruit extracts is fermented with Lactobacillus to deliver a non-irritating preservative, which acts against fungus in particular. It does this by disrupting the cellular structures of fungus, thus destroying them before they can wreak havoc. (1)(2)

Also provides moisturising and skin conditioning benefits.


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