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Why we only use organic cotton?

Lady with sun hat holding out a cotton plant to the camera in a cotton field

Cotton is a toxic crop. So much so, that it makes the fashion industry the second most polluting industries on the planet, second to oil.

Occupying only 2.5% of agricultural land area, cotton farming uses 7% of the total amount of pesticides used globally each year (accounting for 50% in developing countries) and 16% of all insecticides.

The pesticides used are so toxic to the environment, that 77 million cotton workers are suffering each year from acute poisoning! These pesticides leach into freshwater lakes and rivers, polluting drinking water and threatening the wildlife, our precious ecosystems and human health. 

Cotton is also a thirsty crop, taking more than 20,000 litres of water for 1kg of cotton. Fortunately, 80% of organic cotton farming relies on rainwater alone, so reduces the need to waste so much water.

Just like our skincare, Planted’s organic cotton muslin cloth refuses to use synthetic ingredients. Organic cotton farming eliminates all synthetic pesticides and insecticides from production, providing healthy and sustainable farming and a healthier environment.

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